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We develop modern applications for Android using two most popular programming languages - Java and Kotlin. And we do it with maximum efficiency and latest scalable architecture solutions.



Delivery / on demand Startups are the most profitable today. It can be related to such services like:  taxi (Uber),  food (like Seamless),  package delivery (like Roadie) or even&nb...
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What payment method is suitable for your Startup?

So who are we?   Roll’n’Code is a custom mobile app development company which provides mobile application development, web development, UI/UX design and Quality Assurance (QA...

Roll’n’Code – your best choice in mobile development market

Nowadays, it is easy enough to find mobile app development company, but to find the company that can deliver your project on time and within budget - insanely hard. Therefore, in our today ...
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How to choose a dedicated mobile app development company?

Have you ever heard about UI term? You have. And do you know anything about such two letters as UX? I think you do. UI and UX are like Yin and Yang but only in digital world. Let's find out wha...
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How to check quality of your UI design for the app?

Any major changes in established business and development processes cause a sense of concern for a process integrity and possible profits lost due to downtime which appeared for a process update. T...

Kotlin implementation | Part 1

Nowadays mobile applications and services are constantly growing and their owners are trying to be competitive in the market. Thus, the question arises, how people use their applications, which cha...
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5 useful tools for mobile app analytics