Roll’n’Code executes technical realization of innovative ideas by providing highly-qualified specialists, flexible cooperation models, and best-matching up-to-date technologies.

Our software development company establishes long-term and trusted partnerships with our clients.

We are proud to have on board many experts certified by Google, Scrum Alliance.




  • Dedicated Specialists
  • Extended Teams
  • Full-Cycle Projects
  • Time & Material
  • Fixed Scope & Budget

Industrial Tech

  • 10 years on the market
  • Industries expertise
  • Customer Solutions success oriented


  • From Pre Sale to Delivery and Post Implementation Support
  • Well-established and formalized stages
  • Predictability
  • On time result

Long-term Relationship

  • Reliability
  • 3 products for 1 client on average
  • Committed and enthusiastic experts
  • Low employee turnover



Prototyping-Design-Analysis Phase is a basement of your successful and on-time and budget Product development and launching.

  • Easy and justified approach to prove and polish your Idea;
  • Incremental work with colleagues and clients;
  • A different level of credibility and trust during funding;
  • A major advantage against competitors;
  • Guarantees of successful Product implementation.

Our Prototype Service is a finished, stand-alone independent service with the real and transparente value and not connected to a specific technology or company.


  • Visualize and validate Product Idea;
  • Define, formalize and prioritize requirements;
  • Collaborate with your Team;
  • Share with prospective Customers;
  • Show to investors and be persuasive and evidential;
  • Be ready for the Product implementation;
  • Have a comprehensive base for the team hiring and a full technical task to start instantly.




A concept which gives you, your colleagues and investors a real feeling of the finished Product before any implementation is started.

  • Product functionality;
  • Interactive users flows (UX/UI);
  • Design.


A complex document that describes functionality, behavior and detailed requirements of the Application.

  • User Flows;
  • User Stories.

Estimation &

A ready-to-use complex document for the Product development.

  • Time, man hours efforts and calendar schedule;
  • Budget, full calculation with options to scale a scope;
  • Team by roles, with ways to scale;
  • Detailed estimation by tasks;
  • Product principal architecture;
  • Optimal technologies choice;
  • Suggested 3rd parties components;
  • Product evolution and support.








Machine Learning,AI


General Conference

Software products for The General Conference, which coordinates the global ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Education, USA

Since 2015' four software products were created for General Conference. These products were developed for Web, macOS, iOS and Android platforms, covering all Product Life cycle stages starting from prototyping to Final Delivery and Post Support.

Our engineering team built a Distributed Management System (DMS) for the Seventh-day Adventist Church which is connected to the main organization's servers all over the world within 5 continents and aims to digitize and speed up processing of people’s requests.

The mobile product name EGW Writings 2 supports applications for iOS, macOS, and Android platforms and has its own SDK. The apps support 127 languages, it is also used by 2.5 million Android and iOS users and the average book downloads numbers per month is around 1.4 million which is 50 Terabytes of Data.

Bank Lombard Odier & Co

Personalized and highly secured mobile application for My LO e-banking platform

Banking, Switzerland

My LO is an application providing financial information, analysis and tools to users authorized by Lombard Odier, a Swiss private bank since 1796.

It has dashboard, portfolio valuation, asset classes, positions, latest transactions, secure chat. Applied security methods meet all requirements needed for financial organizations.

LO won 7+ yearly Awards such as Private Bank of the Year, Western Europe’s Best Bank for Wealth Management, etc. My LO app has been implemented into 13 external financial organizations and banks.

Dallas 3D

The interactive 3D model of Dallas City in AR mode.

Smart City, USA

Dallas 3D represents an interactive 3D model of Dallas City based an authentic city plan. The map has AR mode and can be viewed on the surface, rotated 360°, zoomed in and out.

There are 2 main layers which highlight building and infrastructure items. The Building layer consists of commercial, educational, industrial and public buildings, the Infrastructure layer includes motorway roads, primary roads, train railways and tram railways.

Each item of the 3D Map shows its information by clicking on it, so users can have additional details such as official name, main function, architecture information, events and advertisements. An interactive pop-up with the weather forecast updates every minute or hour.

Coffee App

E-Commerce solution built from scratch for Coffee and Tea ordering

Ecommerce, Saudi Arabia

The Asapp is a coffee self-pickup application for iOS and Android users and coffee merchants. The product went through all stages of Software Product Life Cycle Development from business idea to live apps.

Coffee merchants from all of the MENA region could provide their services through this app and reach the main goal which is allow users to skip the long lines.

By ordering a cup of coffee, users also is to allow a quick and easy payment process, a wide range of coffee outlets and products, always see the nearest coffee shops. The report system allows merchants to track their income and manage product availability in real time.


The app which put all news in one place for a Smart City

Smart City, Poland

Vizum app is a Smart city solution which provides users with rich information about the latest news and events happening in a specific neighborhood.

The user is able to customize his feed, create his/her own lists of unique and favourite places, get notifications and stay up to date with the city life. Tourists can find descriptions of places and attractions, as well as have a chat with locals and other tourists.

A Public Transport schedule is available in real time mode with routes, roads traffic and information about the availability of nearby bikes and other shared vehicles.


Optimization of a cloud-based platform for health tracking and monitoring

HealthTech / AI, USA

A cloud-based platform which stores and analyzes patients' health data in order to predict and prevent adverse events with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Working on Patient Status System improvement, we speeded up the status processing time and implemented several new status modes which are crucial for further patient monitoring and analysis.

The enhancement of Patient Statistics was done by collecting and aggregating Data for API which increased the level of detail in reports.



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