The team has reimagined the way technology can be used to help people in need, and this translates into their philosophy of resilient communities with Musketeers helping each other anywhere, anytime.


Musketeer is a healthcare app which allows users to get help when they are in need. The user can specify his special needs or skills and people in his area will get a notification in real time. Musketeer works with government, emergency services, Smart Cities and others to create safer, stronger environments with real-time incident.


Revolutionize personal safety by creating a rapid response social safety network.

One-tap alarm – alerts family, trusted locals or emergency services

Emergency auto-record – enables emergency services to hear what’s happening around you in real time

See who’s near me now – real time predator alerts and always see Trusted Musketeers nearby for peace of mind

Travel safe – know what the locals know about who and where is safe

Trusted local recommendations – discover tradespeople and babysitters the locals Trust

Be a Musketeer – and connect with other Trusted Local Musketeers

Core iOS Technologies: Objective-C, Apple SDK, Push notifications, Google services

Core Android Technologies: Java, Android SDK, Android NDK, Push notifications, Google services, Android Keystore System

Rating: 4,3
Number of downloads: 10 000 - 50 000