5 useful tools for mobile app analytics

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Constantin Chernishov

Jan. 5, 2018, 3:09 p.m.

Nowadays mobile applications and services are constantly growing and their owners are trying to be competitive in the market. Thus, the question arises, how people use their applications, which channels for their target audience work and which not. For this purpose, various systems of analytics for mobile applications developed and their number is getting higher in the last few years.

We prepared for you 5 most effective mobile app analytics tools which you could examine and choose the perfect one for your needs.


Google Analytics

Let's start with the most known tool as Google Analytics. It’s one of the Google services, like any other, which is authorized when you logging into Gmail account. A very powerful tool that has been used since times when each action resulted in a reload of the page, but the web is changing rapidly, and Google Analytics is not far behind.

The service includes lots of indicators and tools that display data about the audience, traffic sources and much more, conveniently located in an intuitive multilingual interface, there is the opportunity to work simultaneously with several applications and sites. There is a mobile version for quick data access as well.

You get Instructions for installation while creating a new project and can get access through the administrator panel.



Unlike Google Analytics, Flurry was created as a service for mobile application analytics, which gives it a number of advantages. This is a free service owned by Yahoo and you need to have a Yahoo account to use it. Right of the bat while entering you are offered to create a profile for the application and connect it there, the entire process is described in details.

The interface is quite nice and well-organized, perhaps its benefit is about fine-tuned statistics. For example, you can select a region and see more detailed statistics by country or see all the exceptions that led to the crash of the application. All these data are available immediately after the minimal modification of the application. You can also choose a version and the date range for analysis. The statistics of the versions of the application are also very clear.


App Anie Analytics

This is a tool that takes statistics from the store and shows it in a convenient way. The only thing you need is to create an Anie App account and link your account to it from the market. There is also a function of application downloads and audience view.

In the App Anie you can take into account the following features:

Rating history - shows your application position statistics in categories for a certain period

Daily ratings - show the current position

Popularity - shows statistics of hitting your application in the main TOP-markets

Keywords / ASO - allow you to monitor the keywords you are often being looked for in the market. This is useful in terms of search engine optimization.



The estimates you have may not be always 100% accurate, however the overall result allows you to see the whole picture.

So where do they get the information taking into account their own experience? The thing is that the company is committed to develop a popular application to optimize and monitor the consumption of mobile traffic on the phone. Due to collected data they build estimates on the use of various applications and services by each country.



The Mixpanel interface allows you to build a report on the event and then segment it by the values ​​of the transmitted parameters as you wish. A video with instrument work description can be found here.

For example, you can create a report on the event "New_user", highlight those who came from the iOS platform, then select iPhone X users and build the distribution of these users across the country.

Another convenient feature is related to formula. You can build a diagram by using several metrics at once. The benefit is that you do not have to upload data to Excel.

The main disadvantage of this service is the lack of free version.


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Use these tools above and make your app effective and successful!

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