Define your target audience with 7 main questions

Tips & Tricks

Constantin Chernishov

Oct. 24, 2017, 2:15 p.m.

What will be the first question when starting an app development project? 
Hope your answer will be  “Who are the target users?” :) 

If you know it, so take our congratulations! You have a half part of marketing work in your project. But in case if  you missed it - we'd love to share with you the main questions how to find your target audience.

1. Determine your customer’s demographics
Meet your business target audience using demographic attributes such as age (Marketers use 5 age groups to facilitate the selection), gender, education, household income and language preference. 

2.  Marital status
Are they married? What is the age of husband/wife? 
What problem do they solve together? What problem do you can help with?

3. Children
How many children do they have? 
Who are they (boys or girls, age)? How old are they? What do they like? What are they interested in? 

4. Job
What does your client do? How long? Does he/she like that job? 

5. Hobbies 
What does this person do at a free time? Does he/she like to travel or take an active part in a social life? 

6. Dreams
Try to write a list your clients’ dreams. If you try to understand their dreams and help find solutions - you will break the ice. 

7. Fears
This is the most dangerous topics. People don't like to talk about their hates, fears and taboos. But without this information, you have a risk to disappoint your client or even worse, get involved in a conflict.

If your answers on the questions are “no” -  you needn't answer on sub-questions. 
Try to write full and expanded answers. You will need this information to understand better your target audience.
Use it! It will help you find your target audience quickly and with quality. 
Please feel free to contact us with any questions .    


*5 age groups to facilitate the selection:
0-12 years  - Children's
13-17 years - Teenagers
18-24 years - Students
25-34 years - Youth
35-65 years - Maturity
65+ years - Elderly age