Android courses for beginners 2016

Tips & Tricks

Constantin Chernishov

Feb. 15, 2016, 11:42 a.m.

Every Year – you have an opportunity to study something new and useful.

And if you decided to start developing Android apps - this article is for you :)

Android is the most common operating system in the mobile world and this OS runs 81% of smartphones worldwide.

As Android specialists have such big percent of a demand on a software market - we'll help you to be involved in an Android development team.


If you want to learn Android app development and have a background in Java, you can start with this course:

Each lesson covers multiple Android source code examples. We recommend you to download all the examples on Github for better understanding while watching the lecture and afterwards.

The source code is publicly available:


The course will also have a final mini-project, which will ask you to put together what you’ve learned into an application that is responsive and elegantly designed.

We hope to see your fresh baked and fancy project soon.

Opinions differ.

Check out and find the course which will fit your skills:

And here you can check application source code for first, the small project "Lightning".

And now, let's try to develop your first simple project with our instruction.

The instruments that you will need:

  • Android Studio

What should you do? 

  • find in Google “Android Studio” => then install it

As an example, we propose to create simple “Lighting” app

  •  Leave the API level by default.
  •  choose a template “Empty Activity”

Project preparation is finished.

  • press “Finish”

Building Project Phase

  • CNTRL + click on “activity_main”
  • Find >>> drag and drop 2 buttons (Palette → Widgets → Button)
  • Double click on a button to rename it
  • Add a click handler

The second step is to find and "copy-paste" a solution:

  • The first line in by phrase “android Lighting programming”
  • On the first answer to a question that scored more than zero votes

Working copy-past 

  • Correct formulation of a question
  • Top five Google search
  • Rate above zero
  • Corrections mostly don't need
  •  Helped from the first time

Adapting of the decision

  • Minimum changes
  • Paste the code into the "necessary" space delete a “red” in the code
  • Delete a “red” in the code



  • Connect USB-cable to a device
  • Run an app
  • Choose device from the list

On a device:

  • Press the ON button
  • Look at a flashlight
  • Press the OFF button
  • Check a Lighting app

And... magic! You have the app that you built by yourself!: )

We hope that it will inspire you to create more new apps and challenge yourself.

If what – contact us for any question and we'll be happy to realize your ideas.