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Constantin Chernishov

Jan. 25, 2016, 1:31 p.m.

In our last article we reviewed top app store rejection causes. Article received many good comments and was useful for many people, so we decided to continue our series of articles about App Store. And today we talk about such important and indispensable thing like - “Expedited Review”.

From time to time there are situations when you urgently need to reload your application in App Store or upload it as soon as possible.

Reasons for such actions may be different, for example, you released your application, it appeared in the appstore and suddenly you discover critical bug that blocks the work of your application, or your application is timed to some event and you need upload it before event start.

For such situations in the appstore is a function called “Expedited Review”. It allows you to pass app review in the shortest possible time from several hours to a couple of days.

Our personal record is 2.5 hours.

App upload sheet

If you beat our record, share it with us in comments with proof screenshot :)

A short tutorial how to request “Expedited Review”:

  1. Login to iTunes Connect.
  2. Go to the bottom of the iTunes Connect page and click to “Contact Us” link./App upload manual
  3. Select “App Review”, “App Store Review”, “Request Expedited Review” and then select “Request an expedited review”.

App upload manual

4)  Fill  the requested information and click 'Submit'. That’s all. Now wait for respond from Apple, they let you know if they are able to expedite the review of your app.


Thank you for reading us.

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