Health Messages in Real Time Compatible with HIPPA

Tips & Tricks

Anastasiia Kholodna

July 31, 2018, 3:30 p.m.

The transfer of patient information or, more accurately, the protected medical information (PHI) is an extremely important thing for the real time healthcare. But confidential and secure information exchange in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is equally significant. Otherwise, the penalty can be quite high. Within the HIPAA framework, there are strict standards that provide stable protection of different patient information and cannot be compromised, which is very important for the development of telemedicine. Here are some of them.

First of all, in order to increase the level of security provided, it is necessary to create built-in authentication with a secure message base. So, the secure access must be provided with a password. There must also be a guarantee that the text cannot be copied from the HIPAA platform. In addition to data protection, it is necessary to preserve messages security when they are transmitted (by using TSL/SSL between mobiles and servers). Due to this limitation, the information is encrypted (with AES-256 standard) as well as automatically archived with backup creation, according to the HIPAA compliance norms.

There are some popular information types used more widely than others, for example, image file photos and media files (scanning documents, X-rays, charts, etc.). In this case, employees should use images or video on a secure messaging platform that is compatible with HIPAA. It is equally important to prevent any information extension provided to third parties by the means of push notification and warning on smartphones. If the information is lost or stolen, its confidentiality should not suffer. A "timeout" or a fixed number of PIN attempts can ensure that the data will not be accessible on the outside by mobile phones. And in the end, constant checks of hardware, software, encryption technology will help maintain a maximum level of security.

Despite the demanding of the HIPPA platform, the quality of customer service is significantly improved. This is a useful eHealth solution. Patients receive a faster consultation. Employees of medical institutions maintain continuous communication among themselves, and HIPPA ensures the information exchange security. For example, MyHouseCall and Mobisoft are already actively helping patients to receive the necessary assistance.

Such a speed of information exchange has a positive effect on healthcare delivery development the results of patients treatment. However, it is extremely important to maintain the confidentiality of these data in accordance with the HIPAA platform.