How 3D is Transforming Healthcare

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April 25, 2018, 2:58 p.m.

Technologies have a huge influence on our lives and nowadays throughout the world there is a healthcare revolution. 3D design attracted physicians’ attention because it has a potential in healthcare sphere. Unfortunately using three-dimensional technologies or printers is considered as non-ordinary method and not every doctor can afford it and have in hospital.

3D healthcare services have been around for quite a long time, that’s why they are used in education, surgical guides, virtual reality simulators and others. But now it’s time to make three-dimensional anatomical models, printed instrumentation and implants accessible!  


Here are some examples of 3D design in healthcare:

1. Organ replacement

Special printers can print anything, even human organs. Nowadays organs created in this way are not intended for implantation into the body. Three-dimensional models help the surgeons to analyze the situation, find all difficulties and come up with the plan.

2. Education

Modern technologies can help students with their study, especially healthcare education apps will be useful for future doctors. It may be a 3D healthcare solutions provider that contains basic information supported by volumetric pictures.

3. Medical instruments and medicine

Now this technology is still in its early stages, but it has a big potential, so we have to develop it faster. 3D printing is able to manufacture unique pills for every patient and it will also significantly speed up the production of tools.

4. Prosthetics

People in need of implants are forced to buy custom-made devices, which are very expensive. 3D printing will make prosthetics affordable and unique for everyone. Now this technology is being tested at some hospitals and gain positive reviews from people with disabilities.


Exoskeletons, artificial bones, medicine… This technology will give us new treatment options that we don’t even know about now! 3D modeling can transform all spheres of industry, that’s why we must invest into this sector. Science keeps evolving only due to our common efforts!