How to Design On-Demand App Related to the Grocery Delivery

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June 7, 2018, 6:02 p.m.

Instant grocery delivery

The main idea of creating an application for the grocery delivery is that each user will be able to order a delivery of certain goods from stores to a doorstep by a certain time. You do not need to go after work to the store, stand in lines or waste time searching for the right product. Now everything can be done in a few clicks on the mobile phone. This idea is especially relevant in cities where distances play the main role and where large traffic jams and long queues in stores are common daily thing.

Highly demanded apps

Nowadays, many different cases (repair and interior, choice of clothes, booking flights and hotels, taxi order and much more) have moved to mobile applications. However, with all the variety of services with the delivery of products, not everything is so simple. Some cannot offer a convenient delivery time on weekdays or wait for the courier to be very long, others are limited in an assortment, they do not offer products of national cuisines, imported goods and rare delicacies; in the third, prices seem moderate but the check eventually becomes significantly more expensive than usual.

How to build on-demand app

A well-designed grocery gateway app should have the following functions which make it easy and convenient to place an order:

· wide and fully described assortment of goods

· high speed of browsing and performance

· intellectual system of search and products’ filters

· list of purchases and often-purchased products with the ability to add products in one click

· view and repeat any of your past orders in one click as well

· ability to select or change any address, pin address on map and set customer’s favorites

· ability to select any convenient delivery interval, track delivery person, cancel an order, etc

The process of choosing products and purchasing in such application should be as convenient as possible. You can use the search or see products by categories, quickly add goods to the shopping cart on the stock or novelties of the online store from the main page, you can defer the goods or add it to your favorites and there is the function of adding products using a barcode.

What is today’s tech savvy solutions for shoppers?

Ordinary types of grocery delivery application are divided into such categories:

· Aggregators (Internet portals that specializing in the collection and sorting of certain goods and services, according to users' requests)

· Grocery chains

· Single stores (small store with its own branded app)

· Marketplaces