How Much Does it Cost To Develop Mobile Application


Constantin Chernishov

Dec. 25, 2015, 1:38 p.m.

As we know market of smartphones growth every year. Together with him growth market of mobile applications. Every day to AppStore or Play Market uploads thousands of applications.

Why is this happening, you ask? The answer is simple, today mobile applications is more than simple apps with one or two screens. They can solve real business problems, help with your daily tasks, monitor your health or even trade on Exchange. You can easily grow up your business by advertising in mobile apps for example.

So, as we see cases of usage mobile applications is more than enough. Now when we realized that the market of mobile applications is a growing profitable industry, it is time to move on to question that interests us, namely, how much it cost to develop an application for a particular mobile platform?
How much to
Cost of the application is a very various value and depend on many factors. One of these factors is the price of one hour development.

For example, if you hire a development team from US it will cost you 2-3 times more expensive, than if you hire them in Western Europe.

The average cost of one hour of working time developer:

The average cost of one hour of working time developer:

The second important factor is the development time. And it depends on the application complexity.

Average development time, depending on the application complexity:Average development time, depending on the application complexity:


Based on these charts, it is easy to calculate the approximate cost for applications of varying complexity.

It will be:

  • $4,500 - $45,000 for simple application
  • $7,500 - $75,000 for average complexity application
  • $22,500 - $225,000 for high complexity application (1500 hours)


Example above based on our data and calculations. Let's see on development cost of top most popular App Store applications (Of course, we are talking about application clones, because the cost and development time of these applications are unknown)

Twitter icom



No exact information how long it took the development of Twitter, but to create a clone of an application with similar functionality you will need $50,000 to $250,000 depending on the skill sets of the developers and designers you hire.

instagram icon



 Instagram is slightly more complicated to build than Twitter because you need a wider range of skills to handle  image-filtering for iOS and heavy backend image loads. But you still can build an Instagram-like product  inexpensively, in the $100,000 to $300,000 range over a three-to-six-month period.

Pinterest icon

Popular photo-sharing pinboard site. Audience members, about 75 million users. Not so extensive and complex application as the previous two and it can be created by a small team for a few months at a price of $100,000-$120,000.


Also, you can use table below to calculate approximate cost of development:

App development budget sheet


But, we recommend to write to our specialists. And they calculate estimate price and approximate time of development. We always can offer a special price for you.

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