How Python Can Make Your Business Full Automatically


Developer Insight

July 24, 2018, 1:50 p.m.

Artificial Intelligence. It is constantly in the headlines of our news with promises of autonomous driving and the emergence of virtual assistants. However, despite all the excitement around artificial intelligence (AI), no one really tried to understand what it really is, and what benefits the company can get from it.

Artificial intelligence actually concerns all possible areas, but so far, the confusion in the market with it is great, and very few people understand what does it mean and how AI is applied in any enterprise.

Python for AI

Nowadays, people think that Artificial Intelligence is a symbiosis of man and machine. Similar technologies are also not something fantastic, but in general, the term AI has a broader interpretation, which in general and simple language can be formulated as follows: "The computer acts reasonably." Probably, this is in the list of the main topics in informatics and a number of related sciences, such as machine learning, a global intelligence, robotics, language processing systems, expert systems, etc.

From the point of view of business, the company is unlikely to be able to simply buy a solution for implementing AI. Rather, it will have to select several areas of interest and look at specialized analytical software like Python, Matlab, SAS, R in this area. The new technologies of development of AI lead it beyond simple analysis and statistics - now the machine does not just analyze the downloaded data, it is able to look for patterns and find out how the system "works". All this occurs without human intervention. Many experts believe that Python is the best programming language for artificial intellgence development.

Machine learning on python

Machine learning (ML) is the same standard example of implementing AI as a manipulator arm - a model example of the introduction of automation robots in an enterprise. Therefore, when someone says about AI, then with a high degree of probability it is about machine learning, and not about the rebellion of machines. The sphere of machine learning focuses on performing accurate statistical analysis and forecasting based on the data provided. It is not used to open new data or interpret the results. ML algorithms can be designed to work with different software packages, for example, Python, R, and SAS.

How python can change your business

Python is a useful tool for processing natural language. A detailed study of the content of books related to the ML, shows that many of such systems are implemented in Python in conjunction with the library for working with NLTK, namely – Natural Language Toolkit. You can figure out that Python is used much more often than you thought, for example, in the Google App Engine, on YouTube, and on websites using Django. It turns out that it is initially installed on Mac workstations. Moreover, Python has SciPy NumPy – interesting standard libraries for scientific research, engineering solutions, and mathematical calculations.

Python is a powerful programming language. It is on the top of the main parts of the development toolkit. Python is perfectly suited for implementing ML, scientific and mathematical apps, etc. In addition, it is quite useful for creating diagrams and graphs.

Internet of things the best platform for IT

Internet of things for today is a rather "fashionable" topic, most companies somehow think about the use of IoT technologies. Already now, wireless authorization systems associated with RFID tags are very popular - they are used in enterprises to simplify control over visitors. In addition, RFID-technology can be useful for implementing the system of inventory of property, taking into account property using RFID-tags. Technologies based on QR-code reading are interesting for retail. And this is only part of the examples.