How to build your own start-up?


Constantin Chernishov

March 31, 2016, 2:25 p.m.

According to a research of many famous online publications, only 3 to 5 percent of mobile startups achieve stunning success and profits in the tens of thousands of dollars. About 50 percent of startups achieve profits up to $800-1000. All other merges with hundreds of other applications on App Store or Google Market, and make a profit no more than $100-200 in the best case, or completely fail.

How to build your mobile startup? How to avoid mistakes? How to get to that most cherished 3- % of successful startups? Read our today article devoted to mobile startups.


Research success stories of the large apps

One of the best things you can do to start, read the history of successful startups. How they started, how they build their business, looking for investors, etc. Of course, you will not find the description of all the nuances and issues they faced on, but the general idea of creating a startup, you will have.


Find a business mentor

A mentor is someone who will tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. He also helps coordinate your thoughts and ideas in the right direction for the development of business.


Make a prototype

Your ideas, just ideas and not worth anything until they can not be seen or feel. So definitely make a prototype of your product. Program it, make a design, do anything that makes them more than just thoughts.


Show your prototype

It's time to show your prototype to people and listen to criticism. 50-100 people will be enough to understand what people think about your product and in what direction you should evolve further.


Find a co-founder

When the prototype is ready, it makes sense to find a man thinks with you in the same direction. Someone, who’s ready to spend years of his life to this project, which in the future may change the world.


Start your business

It's time to hire a lawyer to help you in your business registration, trademark registration, all rights, and patents for your products, etc.

And he will help you with your co-founder document the equal rights to business management. That will allow your co-founder to work as hard as he can, without unnecessary fears.


Look for funding and build working version of your product

If you do not have enough money to start a startup, find an investor. A good advice will be to start looking for an investor at the stage of prototyping.

During product creation as much as possible rely on your own funds, because the search for an investor is not an easy task and may not always be successful.


Launch your startup

If you have successfully passed all the items described above, and your product still has a value and you still believe in the fact that it changes the world - start it.

Get the first 1,000 users

Get the first thousand active users of your product. This number is not so big, but it will help you understand all the weaknesses of your product and on time improve or correct them.


Grow up

Continue grow and evolve. Develop and enhance your product, invest in marketing and advertising, and success was not long in coming.



When you have succeeded and are on top of the world. You may do whatever you want, open a new startup, sell your company or do IPO.


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