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Victor Gdanski

Sept. 28, 2016, 12:43 p.m.

Hello dear readers, it’s been a long time since we wrote last article. Wonderful Summer is come to the end and we should get back to work :)

It's time to describe such important thing in mobile development like project Estimation, and how we do it for you at Roll'n'Code.

Estimation is a very important process that helps you to understand:

– How much time is needed to complete the project?

– How much will it cost?

– Which modules of application are most valuable and how to prioritize development process?



“Project Estimation is the first step to a successful release…”



At Roll’n’Code we use time-tested methods of rough and detailed estimates.

Whether it is a rough or detailed estimation, it is always held with the participation of  heads of development departments.

A rough estimate allows the client to understand the approximate cost and timing of the project. Whereas a detailed one already gives a precise estimate of application development time and includes a detailed description of future application modules and evaluation for each of them.

A rough estimate is always made based on our  experience in development of different applications.

Rough estimate includes:

  • Approximate iOS estimation
  • Approximate Android estimation
  • Approximate Design estimation
  • Approximate Backend(Server side) estimation


Detailed estimate includes:

  • Detailed iOS estimate with Application modules description and task list
  • Detailed Android estimate with Application modules description and task list
  • Wireframes Design with description of Application workflow and UX optimization suggestions
  • Detailed Backend estimate with schematic business model


Task list in detailed estimation represents list of features which will be implemented, with time estimates for all development iterations. For example, we provide detailed estimation screenshot of one of our simple apps:

Each of them includes ‘optimistic’ and ‘pessimistic’ estimations and rate per hour. Optimistic estimate shows the project development under ideal conditions, without any problems that can occur during development process and without bugs. Pessimistic estimate include time needed to fix bugs, if they occur and any issues connected with inaccurate project requirements.

We always try to do everything possible to keep within optimistic estimate, but pessimistic estimate is always necessary to take into consideration, because undocumented or ever-changing projects requirements can seriously change the original optimistic estimate.


Look at this flow, to better understand how we do estimate of the future project:

Development timeline

In addition, we would like to say a few words about factors that affects application development cost.

  1. Publishing platform 


You can build an application accessible on a number of platforms, such as: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web, etc. And then final evaluation and the price will depend on the type and number of the selected platforms.


       2. Application type 


List-based applications – this kind of applications displays simple information, provide base user navigation, and all of this for minimal price. It can be applications that show your website inside the app or simple news reader, business card application etc.

Database and client-server applications – complex applications which store information in database on mobile side or take it from server. They can synchronize with server, connect to third party API and present large amount of data. Usually, it’s high-loaded applications like messengers, social network clients, etc.  

Games – most valuable products on application development market. They have a wide range from simple apps to a complex 3D games. Cost of their development is always much higher than any other application.


      3. Monetization model


 On the final cost and the development time also affects the chosen model of monetization.

  • Fixed price 
  • Free to download (with built-in advertising) 
  • In-App Purchases  

Monetization methods in this list are arranged in order of development time, from smallest to largest.


      4. Design


The design definitely means a lot in the final product. And the more unique and complex it is, the longer it will take to implement it.



For today that’s all, and instead of a conclusion, we would like to say that:



Estimation – is very important process before the development of any application and it is the first and the most important step towards the successful release of your product. In our turn, we can offer you a rough and detailed estimation for your product provided by experienced development teams. Just write to us, and we discuss all details.


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Written by Viktor Gdański – Roll’n’Code blog team writer.
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