The A.I. will see you now


Developer Insight

April 9, 2018, 1:58 p.m.

In the past, people had no idea about technologies in healthcare. Now there may be a big  possibility that one day machines will replace doctors.

Artificial intelligence in healthcare is not a new thing. There was a supercomputer invented, specialized in analyzing cancer and creating unique treatment for every patient. The most important advantage of this machine is that it uses knowledge of thousands of oncologists. At the same time it creates a treatment plan without focusing on previous cases – every patient is special. We think that this is much better than using the old algorithm of actions.

So, is there a chance that one day we will see robots at hospitals instead of doctors? Is there a future of artificial intelligence in healthcare?

We don’t think so. For many patients not only a treatment matters but also a great meaning of direct contact with the doctor, the opportunity to discuss symptoms and medicines. But still it doesn’t mean that machines are not appropriate for this sphere. The use of artificial intelligence will inevitably come in the future.

Emotions are very important for the treatment. Patients’ mood greatly affects their health. It’s vital to know patient’s experiences with other doctors, his fears and preferences. With this knowledge, it’s much easier to communicate with patient. Creating comfortable conditions during the treatment increases the possibility of recovery.

Still, there are tasks that machines are able to do. Now we are far from using them in modern life. Our company searches techniques in artificial intelligence. We want to make the use of innovative technologies more accessible. Computers can provide new opportunities for the treatment. Machine learning in healthcare is the future which deserves to be striven for.

From doctors’ point of view, there are lots of fears about using robots in medicine. The common one is job loss. Actually, we see another scenario. Machines are able to help doctors and hospitals can use them for simple tasks while specialists can have a free time for making more important things. There will also new professions appear related to the maintenance and using robots when they become widespread.

What about technical part? There are already many programming languages for creating machine learning technologies and they all have a number of advantages and disadvantages. In our opinion one of the most appropriate and even best programming languages for AI and Machine learning is Python. It is also one of the most widely used programming languages in the field of Artificial Intelligence thanks to its simplicity. It can seamlessly be used with the data structures and other frequently used AI algorithms.

The choice of Python development also stems from the fact that there are plenty of useful libraries that can be used in AI. Another plus of Python is its capability of cross-platform integration, using it for creating AI allows you to integrate it with Web, mobile or desktop apps.

We think that in healthcare sphere there is a free space for modern and innovative technologies. Doctors do have some issues, machines are able to solve them and our team works on custom technical solutions for healthcare sphere and its digitalization