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Victor Gdanski

Aug. 4, 2017, 8:12 a.m.

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Hello, dear readers of Roll'nCode blog, we prepare something special for you. This can change your understanding of the modern digital world.

And the name of this is the Internet of Things (IoT).

So, make a cup of tea, take cookies and read our breathtaking article ;)



The Internet of things (IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles , smart-devices, buildings, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data.

Information from wiki not clear enough, isn't it?

Let's try to explain this term more simply. IoT - concept of connecting any device to the Internet or to each other. This can be anything from coffee makers, wash machines, kettles, lamps to so serious things like heart monitor implants.


Do we need IoT in future, how it can help us?

Since the technology is quite new and in recent years has been very actively developed, we need to understand what IoT can offer for us. Let's have a look to few examples, that can help us imagine how IoT can change our lives in the future. So, imagine you have an alarm clock setted up on 7 AM, and when it triggered, it send notifications via Internet:

  • To your coffee machine - to brew coffee
  • To your smart home system - to open curtains in your bedroom
  • To your smart TV - to turn on your favorite TV channel

That was one simple example with your home and an alarm clock, let’s have a look to another example. If a person has a heart implant, that track your heart data and send this data to your doctor or even to supercomputer that can analyze data and predict possible diseases or any deviations from the norm.

So even this simple examples can show us, that IoT is our near future.


IoT Market

It's no secret that the IoT market is now very actively evolving and growing, dozens of new startups appear every day. According to the research of many large companies and publishing houses, such as Forbes for example:

  • B2B spending on IoT technologies, apps and solutions will reach €250B ($267B) by 2020
  • Spending on IoT applications is predicted to generate €60B ($64.1B) by 2020
  • IoT Analytics spending is predicted to generate €20B ($21.4B) by 2020


These crazy numbers show how demanded this market among investors and that in the coming years it will only grow. So if you're still thinking about the idea of a startup, it's time to look at IoT market.

Ideas for startups in this sphere are inexhaustible, just look at the things around you and imagine how you would make them smart and useful by connecting to the Internet.


Roll’n’Code in IoT

Our company also did not miss the opportunity to enter to the market of Internet of Things. And we are working on our own startup with a completely new idea in security sphere. The system developed by us will significantly enhance the security of homes, shops, offices, etc. And can help to analyze and prevent possible violations of personal security.

Now we are at the “Seed” stage with our startup and if  you are interested in more details, the business plan, plans to enter the market, the advantages of our system - please contact us directly at


That's the way we should move on


We will not be verbose in our conclusions. It is quite obvious that IoT is our nearest digital future and while this market have enough free niches nowadays.

And for more inspiration we suggest you to take a look on most successful IoT startups:


Bastille – A monitoring platform for the workplace, it combines machine learning as analytics to keep track of all devices connected to your network, identify abnormal behaviour, prevent air attacks and more.


Placemeter – Analytics for the city, analyses video and converts it into data on foot-traffic, volume and directions of pedestrians and vehicles and more.

Prism Skylabs – “Transforms” cameras into analytics tools, allowing you to divide shop or factory floors in areas, track items, people and traffic, turning it all into actionable data.


Where to go from here


Since we touched on the topic of startups in our today's material, we recommend you to read our article - How to build your own Start-up


Written by Viktor Gdański - Roll’n’Code blog team writer.
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