Khortytsia unites Ukraine


Constantin Chernishov

Aug. 16, 2017, 3:41 p.m.

The Youth and sports festival "Khortytsia unites Ukraine"  in the partnership with Roll'n'Code  took place at  the sanatorium-dispensary of the Zaporizhzhia National University from 4th till 6th of July. 

More than 180 children participated from whole Ukraine including Zaporizhzhya.

As a part of the three-day festival, next sports competitions were held: WUSHU, Taoulu, Spas, football and volleyball.


Spas Zaporizhzhia

Football champ Khorytsia

Football champ Khorytsia

Also, participants swam on “Dragon Boat”

Dragon Boat

Children were really excited to participate in "Cossack games" and other sport  activities.

Cossack games

The festival was divided by themes into 3 parts:
1st day - East culture
2d day - Ukrainian Culture and West
3d day - multiculturalism, traditions and innovations.

Ukranian traditional

Throughout the festival participants could listen to lectures regarding Eastern martial arts, history of Ukraine and its culture, visit a tour to “Protovche” and hear the history of Zaporizhzhia and Khortytsia from  the Khortytsia National Reserve representatives.

Khortytsia exursion

Khortytsia exursion

Khortytsia exursion

The final part of the festival was a fair of cultures. It included more than 30 master classes, exhibitions and lectures, hall paint holidays.
Weaving wreaths

Khortytsia Pottery

Sanda zaporizhzhia

Fun Khortytsia
"Holi paints festival" was the icing on the cake for everyone.

Holi paints festival

And by ancient tradition the festival has ended with a ceremonial celebration of “Ivana Kupala Day”.

Ivana Kupala Day

Ivana Kupala Day

Ivana Kupala Day

The organizers of the festival were:

Department of Youth, 
Physical Culture and Sports of the Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration, All-Ukrainian Federation "Spas" and the Zaporizhzhya Regional Federation of the “WUSHU” in partnership with Ukrainian IT Company Roll'n'Code.