Mobile Banking:Advantages and Disadvantages?

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Anastasiia Kholodna

May 7, 2018, 3:55 p.m.

Nowadays mobile phones are getting more and more advanced. People can’t live without gadgets and companies do their best to make different innovative apps. Banks know that society is evolving so they have to adapt to changes and make it easier for customers to control their savings. In fact, mobile banking offers many advantages but still is surrounded by stereotypes. Let us show all the advantages and disadvantages of telephone banking.


Despite the fact of technology revolution, many people still don’t know what is mobile banking and if it is safe to use. If you are planning to go with it, you should analyze all benefits and drawbacks but first you have to know the definition of mobile banking. It is an app which allows you to do financial transactions on your device.

Advantages of using mobile banking

The most obvious advantage is, of course, easy access. With only a smartphone in your hand, you have a possibility to check your balance, transfer your funds or pay bills. It’s safer to use a special app than online Internet banking. The greatest advantage is that most banks allow their customers to do online shopping without paying bills, which is very useful for online stores’ fans. Also, you can easily monitor your account – you can check your transfers, transaction history, deposits etc. Mobile banking is something like remote control.

Disadvantages of telephone banking

The main disadvantage is that it is not suitable for every phone. If you want to use mobile banking, you can download the app, which is available only for smartphones. There is a risk of hacking too, but it is easy to be safe from that – don’t share your password with anyone.

Mobile banking gains popularity from year to year. This option deserves attention, because it allows you to use money without leaving home. Now, when you know how mobile banking works, you can start using it and check by yourself how convenient it is.