Mysterious Khortytsia island


Constantin Chernishov

July 15, 2016, 2:39 p.m.

Hello and welcome!
Today we want to tell you about our volunteer project "Mysterious Khortytsia island".

A long time ago, brave cossacks lived here.
And a lot of mysteries are hidden in the land of this huge island.

Zaporizhzhia Sich

Our brave team of cossack descendants decided not only develop our professional skills but also to do our city better.
This year we decided to take part in improving our green island.

Khortytsia Sich

Khortytsia island - is a green heart and veins of Zaporizhzhia.

It helps our citizens to breathe fresh air and take a rest in the deep forests or lay on the sand beaches watching the sunset.

Dnipro river Zaporizhzhia

It's the biggest island on the Dnieper River and it's the subject of many myths and legends.
The island is famous for its unique nature and interesting archeological findings. It attracts many tourists from all over the Europe.

archeological findings Khortytsia

Our Roll'n'Code team created eye-catching info boards for the island.

With their help, each tourist will explore unique natural places and mysteries of Khortytsia island.
These boards will be your guides through the whole island.

Today, Khortytsia is a beautiful national, historical and natural reserve, where many types of rare animals and plants can be found.

We are planning to keep improving Khortytsia with each year.

Our team believes that it's our future and we need to invest in it.

Next step will be creating a free wi-fi spot on the highest point of the island, near national museum.
A lot of tourists will have a free access to it and share their experience with the world.

We encourage you to come and share the strength and beauty of this island.

Khortytsia forest

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Roll'n'Code team