Should start-ups outsource their project?


Developer Insight

Feb. 2, 2018, 4:01 p.m.

Outsourcing today is one of the most popular ways to deliver products. But let’s be honest, outsourcing sucks in the most cases! Today we’ll see more what works and what not.

Start-ups at any stage always face huge number of problems on their way to sustainability.

There can be issues with language barrier, missed deadlines and presentations, poor quality of code and testing.

Let’s check out some of them:

  1. Unintegrated team in the process

Usually it causes lots of problems and misunderstandings of the core idea.
How do we solve this: it’s a really simple solution. We arrange f2f meetings with our clients at their offices or in ours, where our team members go through all details and create technical agreement that we follow.

  1. Another one is miscommunications/misunderstandings in the processes

The solution is to integrate team management system and to improve constantly process based on clients feedback.
What can be done in this case: doing delivery using short cycles to get feedback earlier, engaging PM and BA on site, provide weekly demo presentations and beta testing among the users.

  1. Overloaded first version of the product

Solution: Using lean methodology and creating MVP with only key features.
This helps to shorten product development cycle and release faster to the market. Our company fully supports this idea and we recommend you firstly try to work with team that offers MVP solution and then decide.

  1. Poor Code quality and testing

This can be always a problem to figure out it earlier and manage in a proper way: unit testing integration on each development stage, delivery in short cycles. Weekly presentations can show the progress and guarantee quality deliver in time.

  1. Unexpected budget

This can be solved by project-based development, we estimate scope of work before signing up the contract and divide payment based on milestones/iterations. It can be T&M or fixed price project models.


For a more illustrative example of successful experience with outsourcing, we suggest you to get acquainted with a list of start-ups that used services of outsourcing companies for achieving their purposes and have now grown to unbelievable heights.



One of the most popular cross-platform messengers began to develop using services of outsourcing companies. For now Slack worth more than $3 billions.


Another example of world known audio/video messenger which used team abroad and become a leader in their segment.

Everyone of us bought something at least once on this platform but not everyone knows that Jack Ma, person who created this platform, outsourced the development on the start venture.


Version control platform known to all software developers, was created with the help of hundreds of freelancers around the world.


One of the most popular, fast and innovative browsers, relied on developers in other countries to create own web platform.


Web-based project management tool, used the same for development as Github.


World’s most popular open source database, company used outsource staff in different parts of the world to develop and improve their product.


As you can see, in outsourcing of your startup there is nothing to worry about and many companies successfully use it.

We hope this was helpful and you won’t be afraid of outsourcing anymore ;)