Top 10 Graphic Design Trends 2018

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Jan. 19, 2018, 3:26 p.m.

Each year we want to see the big bang in the sphere of design. And we are hoping that we can have something unusual in 2018. New trends will be based on minimalism and simplicity, but with modern and updated looks.
Want to help your customers “be in trend” and grow their business? If so, you need to know the main graphic design trends in 2018.

1. Logo and it’s responsiveness 
There is a prediction that digital technologies and their trends will influence on graphic design trends this 2018. 
It will be reflected  on responsiveness of your design. In other words, responsiveness  is a web design approach that allows a user to view  a website on devices with different screen sizes, but it won’t lose visual appeal or functionality. The same idea thing happens in graphic design.  Responsive logo design is the next step to run into demands.

trend responsive logos

2. Gradients
Flat design has been much preferred trend over the last few years. 
All changes and gradients comeback in 2018. Last time gradients were in the form of subtle shading to suggest 3D. As an example we were able to see it on Apple’s iOS icons.  But now, gradients are full of color, big and loud! A gradient filter over photos - is the most popular recent incarnation. This is the best way to make a less interesting image look intriguing.

Trend Gradients

3. More depth and semi-flat design
What is Semi flat design? This is a soft shadow which  creates a vision of floating design.  In order to add more dimension to the flat designs, designers were experimenting with “long-shadows”  in order to add  more dimension. Withal  real shadows was reintroduced by  Google Material Design as an enhancement to the UI. These shadows quickly had replaced predecessors with their excessive “drop-shadow”. The  depth the core principles of flat design:  simplicity and usability.  Shadows will help you enhance icons and illustrations, app interfaces, print designs,  as well as websites.

More depth (with semi-flat design)

4. Dashing duotones
What is Duotone? Duotone is when 2 colors used together. This technique came from printing machine. Duotone prints are designed in 2 options:

  1. two shades of the same color 
  2. in black and one tint. 

Duotone is a perfect supplement option  to semi-flat design. You can use duotone as:

  1. Simple Color Palette
  2. a Dominant Image
  3. an Accent
  4. a Way to Increase Readability
  5. a Background

Dashing duotones


5. Palettes

Have you heard about  pretty pastels and electric hues from the 80’s and 90’s?  If not yet - then no worries. Looks like it's becoming popular again.  We hope to see the abstract and geometric patterns again.  How it can be useful in your design? It will bring you  visual excitement and a touch of nostalgia. Don't lose a chance to make your design outstanding!

Palettes and patterns


6. Movement

What’s new about animations, GIFs? Cinemagraphs: why do we need it Microinteractions is exactly that will be on hearing all 2018 year. Microinteractions are needed for better communication with your target users. You may not even notice them deliberately. Despite of it, they are around. Be sure, you will notice them when you “like” something on Facebook or swipe left in an app like Tinder etc. Another  larger animations like GIFs will make your ads, illustrations, logos and icons highly appealing view.  Cinemagraph is just one more eye-catching animations. It  has occurred from GIF and video. It can be created from a short video clip or photographs. Besides, it can be published as a video or  like a GIF. 

Moverment and aniamtion

7. What about typography?

If you wondering about typography trend for this year, so make your design bigger and bolder. You will get only the better result. Don’t afraid to use artistic effects, tremendous headlines and large font sizes.  You will win only!

Bold typography (and serifs return to the screen!)


8. Are you going to use custom graphic art and illustration?

You have a perfect chance to express your creativeness. In 2018 year illustrations and custom graphic art are still in a trend on the design market.  Just use them and you will add singularity to your brand.  Keep remembering about your potential! :)

Custom graphic art and illustration


9. Authentic photography as a trend

Sometimes it’s crucial to feel the reality in design. And this is possible to implement with authentic photography. You should find images that express emotion and tell stories when you are choosing stock or handling with custom photos. 

Authentic photography


10. Vintage in details

Do you like vintage in design? If so, this trend will be still in 2018. If you want your brand to be on the top - just use vintage.  It will bring you distinction and sophistication.

Ready to use the trends? Feel free to contact us for further design questions. 

Sincerely your, 
Roll’n’Code team