Tricity Business Parks - Olivia and Alchemia


Constantin Chernishov

June 6, 2016, 8:37 a.m.

Hey hey! :)  While you are reading our report about techno-parks we've prepared the next one, about business parks of Tricity. Ready?

You can read about Tricity and its technoparks in our previous article

Today we wanna tell you about two biggest business parks of Gdansk: Olivia Business Centre and Alchemia.

A business park or office park is a land area in which many office buildings are grouped together. Business park usually includes not only offices but also cafes, restaurants, gyms, kindergartens and so on.


Olivia Business Centre


Olivia Business Centre is a prestigious office project located at the very heart of the Gdansk metropolitan area, immediately adjacent to the University of Gdansk.

Today it provides 73 000 m2 of AA class office space, it is the largest business centre in Northern Poland.

Olivia Business Centre offers office space from 10 to 100 to as many as 1000 square metres, being customised to suit individual company needs.

Olivia Business Centre

In this business centre are located such large companies as EPAM, ThyssenKrupp, STAPLES.

Olivia Business Centre has many restaurants, Starbucks, gym, kindergarten, even a personal medical centre.


Olivia Sky Club

Olivia Business Centre also has many conference rooms. Olivia Sky Club is the one we visited.

Unrivalled views, nice atmosphere, prestige - it’s all about this place.

Olivia Sky Club is located on the top floor of Olivia Tower.

It is an exceptional location, truly unique.

Olivia Sky Club

Olivia Sky Club has three independent conference rooms. They are the main conference room which can house up to 120 people, a catering space that may be combined with the main room, and a VIP room for discreet business meetings.


Additionally, from two glazed terraces, the guests can admire the breathtaking panorama of the Bay of Gdansk.

To confirm our inspirational words, have a look at some pictures:

Olivia Sky Club

Below you can find a photo report made by Roll'n'Code team during their visit to Olivia Business Centre:

Olivia Sky Club



Alchemia is a modern, multi-purpose business complex formed in Gdansk. The project is implemented in 4 stages, which provide the market with more than 80 000 square metres of high-quality office space and associated services.


The dominant part of Alchemia is the Class A office space (only the first and second stages are nearly 37,500 square metres.) For office users, the 3 floor provides 4 parkings, two underground and two ground, in total of more than 700 parking spaces.

An undoubted advantage of Alchemia is the standard of technical equipment. Both buildings and individual office spaces which are equipped according to the latest market trends:

  • art climate control systems combining advanced air conditioning with autonomous central ventilation and humidification
  • extensive building management system BMS
  • hinged windows
  • clock security monitoring assisted with the help of CCTV cameras and access control system connected to the alarm system
  • power supply from two independent sources, central UPS with generator sets

Also, there is a beautiful roof garden, which can also be a workplace or place for business negotiations:

And one of the largest gyms in the city of Gdansk:


Visiting both business parks has left us with a very pleasant impression.Business centres are equipped with the latest technologies, and continue to expand and improve their quality. If you are looking for office space, better than these you will not find :)

Thank you for reading us, feel free to ask questions, stay in touch.

Sincerely yours, 

Roll’n’Code blog Team