Often, patients will come into a clinic with bleeding because of an injury and a medication they are taking. Medical professionals have to quickly figure out what they need to give the patient to stop it. Our client requested to develop a professional medical app aimed at providing quick and up-to-date information to providers about how to reverse the effects of drugs that can cause bleeding



The app aims to be a quick, easily accessible, and efficient foundation of reversal strategies for life threatening bleeding or patients requiring surgery who are on an anticoagulant, anti-platelet agent, or who have an acquired bleeding disorder


The app is designed to include the following functionality to be all-inclusive for the user and optimize efficient decision-making

Overview of Reversal Agents for Anticoagulants and Anti-platelet Agents

Overview of Lab Values

KCENTRA and Feiba Dosing



Ability to create Notes



Administration Rates of parenteral drugs


iOs technologies: CoreData, rest API, Apple SDK, MVC, Objective-C


Ryan Nazar

Roll’n’Code came up with a lot of good ideas that made the project more customizable for users. Team was forthcoming and communicative about the project’s status. I would say that I was happiest with the fact that they completely understood and appreciated the need of my idea, and they only made it better and came up with great solution.